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DisputeSuite is a young, energetic team made up of people from all walks of life. Some have mohawks while others wear suits to work everyday. But we're united by one thing: the passion to build GREAT software so our customers' are more profitable.

Company History

DisputeSuite was founded in 2006. At DisputeSuite, our vision is clear: to revolutionize the credit repair industry by creating an affordable, robust, enterprise-strength software application. Mediocrity was unacceptable and our application took a team of over 2 years to design and create. We are betting no other credit repair software provider can match that level of craftsmanship or dedication. DisputeSuite prides itself not only on award-winning technology, but also on the talent of its people.

Our Team

Michael Citron - Advisor

Mr. Citron’s visionary and entrepreneurial thinking has led him to the top of several industries. His experiences range from the development and sale of a multifaceted automotive group to the top of the performance chart at Chase Manhattan, where he shattered sales records by a factor of two. Finding Corporate America restrictive, Mr. Citron forged his own path in the financial-services space and eventually founded and owned his own Mortgage Bank. With a discerning eye for emerging trends, Mr. Citron accellerated DisputeSuite.com into an Inc. 500 software company. He has appeared on CBS, FOX, NBC news programs as well as over 30 radio interviews

Robert Ellerman - Chief Executive Officer

Rob is a true visionary who is always operating multiple steps ahead of most. His combination of “big picture” understanding and varied hands-on experience, has allowed him to take the helm of growing software company and catapult it to the next level. He’s read more books than a librarian, which helps ensure that the business is always using the most cutting edge strategies. He’s started businesses from scratch and taken them to multi-million dollar revenue and he’s helped numerous companies develop processes and winning strategies. His employees would describe him as wise and mysterious. He wants to know one thing: “Do you MIRKU?”

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Jennifer Cullen - Chief Administrative Officer

Jenn brings a level of optimism and positivity to the company that can’t be matched. She has a degree in Mass Communication and English Education and while those skills definitely come in handy at times, it’s been her full immersion into all aspects of the business and her ability to quickly absorb new ideas, concepts, processes that allowed her to be quickly promoted to her current role as Chief Administrative Officer. You might ask what does a CAO do? It’s easier to list the things that she doesn’t do! Best described by co-workers as a “plate spinner,” she is keeping the many parts of this complex business moving in the right direction!

Herb Spence - Chief Operating Officer

Herb has nearly 10 years of experience working in various industries primarily with a focus in project management, business development, and marketing. He’s worked hand and hand with top 50 Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree and English and Psychology which lends itself nicely to his role in marketing. He’s very analytical and is excellent at solving business problems. Described by co-workers as a “realist,” who can take grand visions and turn them into reality! When he’s not helping businesses meet their fullest potential (ours and those in our network) he enjoys spending time with his 2 year old son Dylan.

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Kandee Bowles - Client Success Manager

Kandee has over 11 years of customer service related experience and has loved every minute of it! She has a passion for helping solve customer’s problems and does so in a very professional and friendly way! She’s the type of person that if she doesn’t have the answer you need, she won’t stop until she finds it for you. Coworkers would describe Kandee as dedicated, hard-working, and versatile. When she’s not busy helping customers, she enjoys spending time with her son and daughter!

Savannah Meksto - Client Success Specialist

Savannah Meksto is a diverse professional with a love of learning and creativity. She harbors years of combined experience in customer service, case management, human resources, and classroom facilitation -- all the while providing training in one avenue or another. She’s earned degrees in both Education and the Arts and thrives on using those passions in everyday life as well as on the job. With her positions as a Training Coordinator and Software Sales Expert, she can do just that. Her coworkers would describe her as driven, versatile, and friendly!

Latrisha Matson - Sales Representative/Content Specialist

Latrisha has years of sales experience in and around the Credit Repair Industry and her success comes mostly from her ability to truly care about other people’s situations and a desire to help them find solutions to their problems - this is something that cannot be taught. She enjoys being creative and helping to create content which helps to educate those interested in the credit repair industry. Her co-workers would best describe her as “caring, fun, and hard-working.”

James Alford - Director of Technology Services

James Alford started his IT career while in the US Army Rangers over 25 years ago. While in the military he took classes at UGA and other institutes to further his knowledge. He has held positions from Research & Development at IBM to Network Security Team at J.P. Morgan & Chase. At DisputeSuite James wears many hats as he has a diverse set of skills that are valuable to the company’s success. He does everything from troubleshooting tech issues to the build-out of high end websites both internally and for clients. His co-workers rely on his years of experience and familiarity of our system to help keep our operations moving at all times!