Re-negotiate Your Current Interest

Many credit card issuers charge interest rates as high as 30% interest (APR) or higher. And most people do not realize that you can negotiate with your credit card company for a lower rate, especially if you've had any of your credit cards for a long time. To do this all a consumer needs to do is to call their credit card issuer and i ..

Proof of Address and the Bureaus

When running your credit repair business the credit bureaus require proof of client’s addresses to process most disputes. In some cases they will process disputes without the address. But even in those cases, they will still send a letter to your clients informing them that they won’t process their disputes without proof  ..

Polite Dispute Requests

A polite and courteous request is just that-- communicating in a polite and courteous “matter of fact” manner. An example of an intervention under this category is the goodwill request. A goodwill request is a letter sent to the creditor (e.g. Chase) asking them to pretty please remove the negative item from credit report, ..

Personal Profile

Every credit report has a personal profile section. This area covers the consumer’s current and past addresses and employers, their date of birth, and AKA information. When clients are reviewing reports for errors they will first want to start by looking at the spelling of their name and their other aliases. You can then help them disp ..

Percentage of High-Credit Used Accounts for 30%

The second largest factor in a consumer credit scores is the amount you owe in relation to your high credit limits. If a consumer is carrying high credit card balances, they can actually hurt their credit scores almost as much as paying the account late every month. This is because if they go late they affect 35% of their score that  ..

Payment History Accounts for 35%

Consumer payment history is the largest aspect of the credit score, as you might expect. In total payment history accounts for 35% of the total score. This aspect of the total score calculation is based on prior payment history with creditors. Late payments, defaulted accounts, bankruptcies, and all other negative information on t ..

Passion 2 Profit Millionaire Moves

During this webinar you will hear from industry leading marketing and branding authority Joel Bauer. Joel reveals some of his most explosive Millionaire Moves that can help you take your business to a whole other level. Learn the secrets Joel usually charges over $15,000 in his seminars for attendees to hear including how to get your busi ..

No Real Investigation

The consumer credit dispute system was created to provide the consumer recourse when there is an inaccuracy on their credit report. The way the system has turned into an automated dispute process using systems like e-OSCAR and OCR is fundamentally flawed. There are no real investigations, but rather an automated process of sending and ..

New IRS Tax Lien Rules and a CARD Act Update

During this webinar you will hear two leading credit industry authorities Mike Citron and John Ulzheimer talk about hot topics in the credit industry. Learn more about a study relating to errors on credit reports and how it affects you and your business. See how this study can help you promote your business, learn all that you need to know abou ..

New Income Stream

One of the best ways to make money is to earn more on clients you already have. This is especially true in credit disputing as many customers are initially skeptical, but then are very pleased as they start to see results. When customers do start to see results is the best time to help them with their other needs. You worked hard to  ..

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