Synthetic ID Theft

A special type of ID theft exists called "Synthetic ID Theft" that takes advantage of the bureau’s matching system that is used to associate data with the individual consumer. With synthetic ID theft a thief mixes fake information with real or partially real information from an unsuspecting victim. This often results in a new cr ..

Surely the Creditors Want Accurate Information, Right?

One would assume that the creditors would want to base their lending decisions on the most accurate information. After all, they are in the business of calculated risk and accuracy stands to lower their risk, right? Well, not exactly. Creditors actually benefit when there are errors on the consumers’ credit report. For example ..

Successful Credit Repair Marketing Methods

Seminar marketing is an extremely powerful way for you to get your message out to a lot of people in a short period of time. Seminar marketing could be as little as four to six people at a power breakfast, or a lunch and learn, or could be as many as forty, sixty, eighty, or a hundred or thousands of people in an auditorium, a churc ..

Successful Affiliate Marketing

As a credit repair business owner, there are many ways for you to market your business. One of the most effective ways is to team up with people and professionals who interact with consumers with credit problems. To make a short list of some of those people, who interact with clients with credit report problems, think of mortgage b ..

Top 10 Reasons To Attend Credit Cruise June 2018!

If you're looking for a reason to attend Credit Cruise this year, we've got 10 of them to choose from. Keep reading to "sea" what we mean... You've only got one chance at life - and your business. It's important to invest in both and live to the fullest while growing your business and brand to its greatest potential. Credit ..

Stop all Harassing Collection Phone Calls

Many consumers are constantly harassed by debt collectors. With auto dialers, collectors can now have their computers call consumers multiple times per day. And this can continue 7 days per week for months. It is actually very easy to stop these calls. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) a debt coll ..

Statute of Limitations (SoL)

Almost all the creditors, reporting on a credit report, have a statute of limitations for how long they can attempt to collect on a debt. The statute of limitations is the legal time frame that the debt can be pursued through the court system. There are some accounts that have no statute of limitations. Below is a list of most of th ..

Sometimes Reports Don’t Come Back

Sometimes your clients will not receive back their results or updated reports from the credit bureaus, even when dispute letters request these results be sent back. This is why it’s important you also have your clients enroll in credit monitoring. so you can pull updated reports to track changes, as well as, review the results y ..

Some Dispute Letter Language

The possibilities for dispute letters are endless. But here are a few specific examples of language you can use on dispute letters that will illustrate how to perform ethical credit repair: “Please provide me with proof that this account was opened on xxxx, this is being reported on my credit report. This information is not con ..

Sniper Marketing

Whether you're doing online marketing or offline marketing, you want to find who your target audience is. There's no point in doing a mailing to an entire neighborhood. The odds are the entire neighborhood doesn't have bad credit. Not every house inside of it would. Not enough of a percentage would need credit repair assistance, for ..

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