Get Clients Approved for New Credit

Did you know that there is something only your clients can do that can have a huge impact on their credit scores? For any consumer to have good personal credit they must first have positive accounts on their credit report. Even if you remove all of your client's negative items, they still won’t have a good score without these p ..

Free Credit Reports

Millions of consumers each year pay for credit monitoring access. And some of the most common monitoring services are even actually owned by the credit bureaus themselves. Even though these services do typically offer a 30 day trial, monitoring costs after that can cost $50 or more in some cases. You will need access to credit reports  ..

FICO vs. Vantage Score

FICO now competes with Vantage Score but Equifax, Experian and TransUnion still offer both score options. This is partly because FICO is so widely used and accepted. The goal of the credit bureaus is to wean users off the FICO model and start using Vantage Score instead. Due to the overwhelming majority of lenders and credit issuer&rs ..

FICO Announcement Regarding Free FICO Score

During this webinar you will hear credit insider information on the hottest topics relating to credit. You will learn about many things including why and how FICO is announcing consumers can get a free look at their FICO scores, how credit card companies, including Barclays Bank, are now giving credit scores to card holders for free, and ..

FICO and Vantage Score History

Credit scoring started in the late 1950’s to support lending decisions in large department stores. The concept was revolutionary and by the end of the 1970’s most of the nation’s largest commercial banks, finance companies, and credit card issuers used credit scoring. It became widely accepted once Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ..

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