How to Draft a Dispute Letter

Preparing dispute letters can be challenging and fun. The DisputeSuite Software provides you with lots of template letters; however, our primary goal is to teach you how to draft your own letters. With a little practice it will be easy. Your end objective is to have an entire library of your own credit repair letters. You will be prep ..

How This Important Study of Credit Report Inaccuracies Affects You

During this webinar you will hear two leading credit industry authorities Mike Citron and John Ulzheimer talk about hot topics in the credit industry. Learn more about a study relating to errors on credit reports and how it affects you and your business. See how this study can help you promote your business, learn all that you need to know abou ..

How to Get Business Financing with Bad Credit

During this webinar you will learn all you need to know about how to get approved for business financing with bad credit. You will discover details on 6 financing programs that you can qualify for even if you have challenged credit, learn what types of rates and terms these programs have and how to get rates of 3% or less regardless of  ..

How the Bureaus REALLY Get Paid

The paying clients of the credit reporting industry are not consumers, but the creditors who both furnish and use the information contained in the credit bureaus’ databases. For example, discovery in recent lawsuits has uncovered the fact that TransUnion had received over $6 million per year from MBNA (Maryland Bank of North America) alon ..

How the Advanced Credit Course Can Make Your Business

Anything you need to run your credit repair business more efficiently, and to train your staff or team without headaches is all in the Advanced Credit Course. This course can take your business from being a hectic, stressful JOB and transform it into a business that works FOR YOU. Just think about having the answers to your clients&r ..

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