Information Dispute Requests

Information requests is a credit repair tactic where you ask the credit bureaus or the creditor for broad amounts of information. Rather than mess around with locating all the information, the bureaus or the creditor may just remove the item, because they do not want to take the time to provide the requested documentation. When you sa ..

Improvement Based on Deletions

When you help consumers repair their credit you will usually measure success based on how many inaccurate or unverifiable accounts you help them delete from their credit report. Even though you might measure success based on deletions, most consumers will look strictly at their credit scores to determine your success. This means if t ..

How to read a credit report

Credit reports are not always easy to read. The truth is, the credit bureaus want it that way. The less the average consumer understands, the more likely they will not spot or complain about any errors. ..

How to Insure Your Business is in Full Compliance - or Risk being Shut Down

Running a compliant credit improvement company is essential for your long-term success. You and your team must insure you meet and exceed all state and Federal requirements for credit companies. ..

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