Vantage Score

The VantageScore is calculated using the same methodology as the FICO score, but adds a few additional metrics in the mix. It assigns a letter grade to your score as well. While FICO scores range from 300 to 850, VantageScores range from 510 to 990. For each 100-point spread on the VantageScore, a letter grade is assigned. For example ..

Utilization and Credit Scoring

During this webinar you will hear about how utilization impacts the credit scores, what can be done to improve the utilization aspect of the score, how you can help customers improve utilization, hear commonly asked questions from credit owners relating to utlization, and much more. Your special hosts for this webinar is leading credit i ..

Upload Securely

One of the best benefits of the DisputeSuite Customer Portal is that your clients have a place to securely upload documents right through their portal. Sending documents through email isn’t secure, and sending through the mail has a cost and is cumbersome. But through the portal within a few clicks, clients can name and upload  ..

Many of your clients would prefer to pay you with credit or debit cards

Many of your clients would prefer to pay you with credit or debit cards. Many credit company owners quickly discover that it is near impossible for them to find a merchant account provider who will approve them for a new account. The reason is that almost all merchant providers treat the credit industry as a “high-risk” i ..

This is all illegal

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a law which protects consumer rights from unfair and unethical debt collection practices. This law can be very helpful to consumers in stopping collection company harassment and abuse. One benefit of this law is that a consumer can stop any collection company from contacting them by p ..

Third Biggest Factor Affecting Credit Scores

15% of the consumer credit score is based on length of credit history. This accounts for how long the consumer has had open credit on their report. This is the third biggest factor affecting credit scores, right behind payment history, which accounts for 35% of the total score, and available credit which accounts for 30%. This one fa ..

These Work

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just add an account to a consumer’s credit report, and it automatically has a 2 year PERFECT pay history? Well you can, AND it is 100% legal. Authorized user accounts are the only legal way to back-date credit reports and add past positive credit history. An authorize user is when a family memb ..

There are three standards that every item on a credit report must meet

Standard One: Item must be reported within the allowable time periods. It must be reporting timely information. Standard Two: Item must be one hundred percent accurately reporting all of the information on the account. So all of the information on the account – name of the creditor, account number, status, date of last activ ..

The Use of Automated Systems in Credit Disputing

Credit dispute investigations usually involve the furnisher (or creditor) comparing the information in their computers to what is reported in a consumer’s credit file. Typically the bureau accepts what the furnishing company tells them. This is referred to as “parroting,” as the reporting agency is simply repeating w ..

The Real Deal on Paying off Collections

Collection companies have done a great job over the years of convincing consumers that paying off collections will raise their credit scores. Many are actually surprised to learn that paying off collections will actually lower their credit scores. Collections are usually reported on the credit as a “9” status or collectio ..

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