Little Known Facts about Equifax

Most consumers are familiar with Equifax. But there are a few interesting tidbits that most people don’t know about the company. Here are a few interesting facts about Equifax: Equifax was founded way back in 1899. Their annual revenues in 2011 were $1.96 billion and they operate in fourteen countries, although, like TransUni ..

Length of Credit History Accounts for 15%

“Time in the bureau” accounts for 15% of the consumer credit score. The older you are and the longer you have had credit accounts for, the higher the score. This is why it is near impossible to get to an 800 score at a young age. As you have more accounts throughout your life, and your history grows over time, your sco ..

Legal Credit Repair Methods

A lot of credit repair businesses ask questions like “my client is not sure if the account was late” or “my client told me it was late but said to dispute it anyway”. What do you do with these items? Do you dispute them or leave them alone? There are strategies you can utilize in order to have credit bureaus or ..

Legal basis of the FCRA

The FCRA affords consumers many rights relating to their credit. Check out some of the finer points: Access to credit reports. All consumers, regardless of which state they live in, have the right to receive one free credit report annually from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. There is also no charge for a credit report if the consumer  ..

Learn More About the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and What They Are Doing

During this webinar you will hear more about what the CFPB is up to, what actions they are taking now, how much are they fining lenders and other sources, what actions they are taking regarding disputing and how it will affect you and your clients, how the CFPB is helping insure clients receive a true investigation, and much more. Your ..

Late Payments After Charge-Off Date

Original creditors will often continue reporting an account delinquent after they have sold the account to a collection agency. If an account is considered to be “Charged-Off” the original creditor has most likely used this account as a “write-off” against their income for tax purposes. These  ..

Kenneth Baker

I want to tell you a true story. The story is about a man named Kenneth Baker. Ken, we'll call him, wanted to change his family's life. Ken wanted to buy a home for his family. Ken wanted to change the future for his children, and wanted to change the lifestyle for him and his spouse. Ken decided to go to a mortgage le ..

It’s YOUR Choice

One thing we hear a lot at Dispute Suite is how much people love being able to choose between our feature bundles or just adding features a la carte. You can add additional features to your application a la carte as you might need them, or you can even bundle together additional features at a discount. Its mind blowing how many  ..

It takes time

When you first start disputing on behalf of your customers, many of them will be anxiously awaiting for the initial results to come in. This is why you will always want to let your customers know exactly when you send out disputes, and remind them that the disputes do take time to process. It’s a good idea to send an email to c ..

Is it Legal to Have Accurate Information Removed?

There are NO laws that say credit information must be reported in the first place. There are also NO laws that say the credit bureaus have to even exist. Finally there are no laws that say credit report information has to remain for a set period of time. As a result, accurate and truthful information can be removed from the credit re ..

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