No Real Investigation

The consumer credit dispute system was created to provide the consumer recourse when there is an inaccuracy on their credit report. The way the system has turned into an automated dispute process using systems like e-OSCAR and OCR is fundamentally flawed. There are no real investigations, but rather an automated process of sending and ..

New IRS Tax Lien Rules and a CARD Act Update

During this webinar you will hear two leading credit industry authorities Mike Citron and John Ulzheimer talk about hot topics in the credit industry. Learn more about a study relating to errors on credit reports and how it affects you and your business. See how this study can help you promote your business, learn all that you need to know abou ..

New Income Stream

One of the best ways to make money is to earn more on clients you already have. This is especially true in credit disputing as many customers are initially skeptical, but then are very pleased as they start to see results. When customers do start to see results is the best time to help them with their other needs. You worked hard to  ..

Never Really Verified

Did you know that public records are actually never verified through credit disputes? When an item is disputed with the credit bureaus they send the dispute to the creditor. The creditor then deletes the item when it is not verifiable, they verify the item if it is verifiable, or they update the account with the correct information.  ..

Multiple collection agencies for a single account

Collection agencies make their living by collecting debt. They typically have little regard for reporting information correctly until they are forced to. There are different types of collection agencies, they will usually specialize in a certain area of collections like junk debt or commercial, some collection agencies are hired to wo ..

More Successful Credit Repair Marketing Methods

Direct mail is another effective outreach tool to promote your credit services. Despite the countless technological advances of the past century, direct mail just keeps on delivering, generating billions in income per year and actively influencing national political campaigns to this day. Just make sure that when you do direct mail,  ..

Medical Debt Responsibility Act of 2011 and New Credit Card Regulation and How it Affects You

During this webinar you will hear two leading credit industry authorities Mike Citron and John Ulzheimer talk about hot topics in the credit industry. Hear about new regulations that were imposed on the credit card industry, see how the industry is responding, hear about all you need to know about this and how it will affect you and your ..

Little-Known Collection Tactics that are Illegal:

It is unlawful under the FDCPA to threaten suit if no such action is intended. The attorney cannot sue you in a state that is not your home state, under the FDCPA. Therefore, the threat is an empty one. Empty threats are punishable under the FDCPA! It is unlawful for such a letter to be sent unless the lawyer reviews the letter? Do yo ..

Little Known Facts about Equifax

Most consumers are familiar with Equifax. But there are a few interesting tidbits that most people don’t know about the company. Here are a few interesting facts about Equifax: Equifax was founded way back in 1899. Their annual revenues in 2011 were $1.96 billion and they operate in fourteen countries, although, like TransUni ..

Length of Credit History Accounts for 15%

“Time in the bureau” accounts for 15% of the consumer credit score. The older you are and the longer you have had credit accounts for, the higher the score. This is why it is near impossible to get to an 800 score at a young age. As you have more accounts throughout your life, and your history grows over time, your sco ..

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